Trump Asks Jeff Sessions For A Letter Explaining Why Trump Should Fire Jeff Sessions

Explaining that he was merely interested in hearing the legal rationale for such a move, President Trump has asked Jeff Sessions, Head of the Department of Justice, for a letter that outlines the reasoning behind why President Trump should fire Jeff Sessions. Trump brought up his request for a letter during statements in the Rose Garden this morning. “I’ve directed Jeff to give me a letter, really just to hear the reasons why a President WOULD want to fire him because, boy, sometimes the President needs to know these things. You really need to know. And I do know so much about many, many things. That’s why I’ve been such a great success in business and how I get the very best people to work for me. They just beg for it folks. Even the ones who were blasting me on social media, they come crawling just like everyone else. And I don’t think Crooked Hillary has people begging her for jobs these days do they.” When pressed by reporters as to why he felt he needed the letter, Trump replied, “Because he recused himself from the Russia investigation. End of story.” Almost Real News is a satirical website committed to bringing you stories that are 100% almost true. You can learn more about us and read our disclaimer here.

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