Other Means Of Promoting Your Music As An Artist

Written by on 09/10/2019

Getting your music to a large audience today is a lot easier than it used to be about a decade ago. Thanks to the internet, there are hundreds of platforms out there today that can help you get your music to a ready audience.

Google play – this is a platform established by the popular search engine, Google. Play music allows you to upload your music and share with other users. There are more than a hundred million users on the platform since almost every smartphone users today have the play my music pre-installed on their device by the company.

ITunes – iTunes is a popular music platform by Apple. This platform allows to upload your music as an artist and get it in front of the millions of users on the platform. Last FM – Last FM is a popular online radio station with thousands of monthly users. It comes up frequently on search engine result page and is free to use.

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