Day: 04/06/2020

“I just want you guys to know that we’re all in this together.” Powered by WPeMatico

The latest from the Portuguese producer via Lisbon’s Príncipe label Powered by WPeMatico

Almost every artiste in the world has particular thing or place that inspires them to be the best at their craft. While some painters spend their time at beaches, botanical gardens to get inspiration from nature, the likes of musicians turn to Bibles, personal life experiences, amongst others to get inspiration. Well, according to “enjoyment” […]

Wendy Shay has become a household name in the Ghanaian music industry for some time now and she’s been consistent since she joined the industry some two years ago. People call her the hottest female artiste in Ghana currently but she prefers to be called the queen of Ghana music. In a latest interview with […]

Ghanaian entrepreneur and sexpert, popularly known as Kamasutra Queen, has disclosed that any man who remains friends with his ex is only looking to have sex with her again. In an interview with Adwen, the Love Doctor on ‘In Bed with Adwen’ which airs on eTV Ghana, she stood in disagreement on the topic ‘Should […]

With the recent issues concerning young girls being raped, one Nigerian guy has been accused by 24 different ladies of raping them. According to the young guy who is known as Yangy, the ladies are liars and that they are hiding behind anonymous Twitter accounts. Yangy also mentioned that the accusations almost made him take […]

The glam rock band’s bassist was named in the first lines of “The Ballroom Blitz” Powered by WPeMatico

The Fear Inoculum dates were originally postponed  amid the COVID-19 pandemic Powered by WPeMatico

Highly Spiritual Music signee, Mr. Drew, has opened up about how he got himself entangled in copyright issues. After he was accused of stealing a song titled Love Riddim which belongs to an American / Nigerian artiste called Rotimi, Mr Drew in a recent interview with Berny Lomotey on ‘Lalafio’ explained that he was ignorant […]

Sitting at the intersection of art and design is the work of multidisciplinary company ANTI. Founded by Pablo & Jennifer, what started as a bond between partners blossomed into a full-blown creative outlet. ANTI applies their idiosyncratic expression towards projects ranging from graphic design, art direction for ads, music videos, films, paintings and murals. The […]

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