Rapper Nathan Nzanga Releases Powerful New Single “Enough”

Seattle based artist/activist, first-generation Congolese-American Nathan Nzanga today releases his powerful new song “ENOUGH”. The single will be featured in an impactful short film, entitled enough. The song as well as the forthcoming film depicts an artistic journey for Nathan including the lack of social justice, for black men and women in the United States. The film is scheduled for release in the near future.

“ENOUGH”‘s focus is specifically geared toward the disproportionate murder of black men and women by police and carries the same messages of the Black Lives Matter movement. Under the rallying cry, “Maybe I’m not loud enough”, the song is both a prayer and a protest.

Nathan’s last single, “Truce” was well-received on Spotify when it was released in 2016, but ‘enough’ is a less altruistic vision of the world. // Continue to the full article

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