Tucker Lane Releases Love Or Hatred On November 20, 2020

Tucker Lane were formed in 2015 by Leslie Stanwyck (vocals), Johnny Sinclair (bass) and Brent Carlin (guitar). Warren Medernach (drums) was added in 2017. Tucker Lane are from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Leslie and Johnny were members of the internationally acclaimed Toronto band The Pursuit of Happiness. They made two albums with TPOH, ‘Love Junk’ which went platinum and featured the hit songs, ‘I’m An Adult Now’, ‘She’s So Young’ and ‘Hard To Laugh’ and the second TPOH album, ‘One-Sided Story’ which went gold. Both albums were produced by the legendary Todd Rundgren. They also toured through Europe with the Eurythmics and the U.S. with Duran Duran. Leslie and Johnny then left to form another well known band called Universal Honey. They put out another seven albums all of which they had a hand in producing and recording. // Continue to the full article

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