Cibola – “Downfall”

Rising above the cold darkness that is northern Europe, CIBOLA delivers harsh metal. Drawing upon styles and genres such as groove -, thrash – and death metal , grindcore and with a not so subtle touch of progressive metal.

“While it is hard to place them in a specific genre, it almost resembles some bands like Agolloch or Enslaved , that incorporate many different styles but seem to fall under the umbrellas of progressive metal, black metal, death metal etc.” – Zach Moonshine
For fans of Enslaved, Ihsahn, Agolloch

In the beginning of 2020 CIBOLA released the debut ep “synopsis in four” which have had more than 60000 streams on Spotify to this date. And now it’s time for a continuation of the metal chaos with a new release called ” .DOWNFALL. “. It’s set to be released on November 13th on many streaming platforms. // Continue to the full article

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