‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Jesse Williams Challenges Kehlani to Sing Show’s Theme Song on ‘Quizzed’: Exclusive Video

Talk about a good thing! Kehlani sat down with Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams for Billboard’s latest season two episode of “Quizzed” to test her knowledge on ABC’s long-running medical drama, which returns for season 17 on Nov. 12.

“You better be good!” teases Williams, who plays the beloved Dr. Jackson Avery, as he prepares to begin quizzing her about the show.

“I’m nervous!” Kehlani admits as they get started with the True or False questions in round one.

She starts off answering a little hesitantly, but hits her stride when it came to a question about the show’s instantly recognizable song. Says Williams, “‘How to Save a Life’ by The Fray is the show’s theme song.” Kehlani quickly answers that it’s false.

“Do you know what it is?” the actor asks.

“I know what it sounds like …,” the singer-songwriter offers.

At that, Williams brings in a challenge: “Let’s hear it!”

After laughing and waving her hand in the negative, Kehlani responds, “No! I can’t make that little ding sound!” Though the “Take You Back” singer turns down the opportunity to sing the tune (it’s Psapp’s “Cosy in the Rocket”), she says she might just sample it instead.

Williams gave Kehlani even more of a challenge when round three — the quotes section — rolled around. “I’m terrible at this!” cries the singer at the start of the round. “I don’t even know quotes from …”

“You know your own lyrics?” Williams presses.

“Barely!” admits Kehlani. “On stage, it takes me forever if they’re from more projects older than a project ago.”

See how well Kehlani knows Grey’s Anatomy by watching the full episode of “Quizzed” above!

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