Jon Hamm Is a Beautiful, Clueless Dummy in Eels’ ‘Are We Alright Again’ Video: Watch

Jon Hamm is a lot of things: handsome, funny, charming, handsome and a great actor. But in the hilarious video for the Eels’ “Are We Alright Again” he’s just a beautiful, clueless idiot.

Hamm plays a checked-out homeowner in the Greg Barnes-directed clip with a very simple premise: the new jam from the Eels is so mesmerizing that Hamm doesn’t even realize he’s being robbed or that his roommate (Mike Mitchell) is being tied up and gagged as the burglars make off with all of Hamm’s valuables.

Hamm, blissfully listening to his favorite band on headphones and sipping whiskey doesn’t realize something’s amiss until the song’s over and it’s too late.

“Are We Alright” appears on the band’s recent album, Earth to Dora. “We could all use a little comfort from the past year. Perhaps this song can provide a little for you like it does for the guy in this video,” said band leader Mark Oliver Everett in a statement about the visual, which was shot on 35mm film.

Watch the video below.

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