Vocalist Christian John Thomas Reveals The Tragic Real Life Event That Inspired His Debut Song And Music Video “Lost In The Waves”


Christian John Thomas’ debut song and music video, LOST IN THE WAVES (written and composed by Kooman and Diamond) were released worldwide on November 10, 2020. His song was inspired by the tragic true story of a father who gave his life saving his young son from a deadly ocean riptide.

Christian shared, “I discovered this song while studying musical theater in college, but it didn’t really resonate with me until I left school. I was asked by my professor to leave the university – surprisingly enough, because she claimed I wasn’t a good fit for the program. Despite my talent, I didn’t fit the program’s mold. Their rejection put me in a dark place mentally and led to severe depression. I held a lot of resentment in my heart. It took me a while, but I eventually had a change of mindset, and I began to look at my life in a new light. // Continue to the full article

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