Jimmy Fallon & Patty Smyth Send Off Donald Trump With Hilarious ‘Goodbye to You’ Remake

Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Patty Smyth for a biting cover of her band Scandal’s 1982 party classic “Goodbye to You” on Wednesday night (Nov. 11) to help send off one-term President Donald Trump.

“Four years with you in charge went so very slow/ Now the time has come for us to let you go/ You tweeted ‘FRAUD,’ ‘STOP THE COUNT,’ ‘FAKE NEWS’/ Pennsylvania must hurt so bad to lose/ It’s not a pity to say,” Fallon sang as pictures of a despondent Trump and elated Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris flashed in the background.

And then Smyth hopped in for the rousing chorus, singing, “Goodbye to you!/ Goodbye to you,” pointing at a snap of Trump digging into one of his beloved fast-food meals on an airplane.

“Will we ever see a president like we saw in you,” Fallon continued. “Stare directly at the sun/ Toilet paper on your shoe.” Smyth took the next smackdown verse: “Ignored Fauci and fell for Kim Jong-Un/ Said you’d shoot someone on Fifth Avenue/ Doesn’t feel bad to say, goodbye to you.”

Trump, who lost the Nov. 3 election to former two-term vice president and now President-elect Joe Biden, has refused to accept the results of the vote and has been rarely seen since. And while he’s declined to concede or begin the traditional transfer of power process, the former reality star has hunkered down in the White House and tweeted baseless claims about alleged election fraud amid a flurry of lawsuits that have so far failed to provide any proof of his assertions.

The final verse from Fallon and Smyth poked fun at Trump’s unrealized campaign promise of getting Mexico to pay for his border wall, the Ukraine quid pro quo scandal that got Trump impeached. and his dangerous suggestion that Americans drink bleach to get rid of COVID-19. Smyth returned later in the show for a performance of the slow-burn rocker “Build a Fire” from her It’s About Time album.

Watch the performances below.


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