Lady Buds – From The Cities, To The Shores

Helen and Benjamin AKA Lady Buds are a travelling Indie/Folk urban new age Rock duo, who met in May 2018 in Liverpool, England.
Joining forces and coming from individual solo artist backgrounds, they roam the world spreading their positive, dreamy, chilled and uplifting vibes to all.

The duo have made heaps of road trips and hitch-hiking trips around different countries and have lots of experiences and stories to be shared with the world and they thoroughly enjoy sharing them through their songwriting .

In 2019 Lady Buds signed an independent record deal with Glasstone Records and new album ‘From the Cities, To the Shores’ is their debut release. The album is an adventurous musical journey about many moments and memories they have experienced over the past two and a half years of being a team and their magical explorations. // Continue to the full article

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