New Video: Darman – “Dora E Picasso”

“Dora e Picasso”, the new single excerpt from Darman’s latest album Necessità Interiore (2020), is a trip inside the making of a piece of art.
The song, inspired by the painting “Portrait of Dora Maar” by Pablo Picasso, is an imaginative journey into the mind of Pablo while he observes Dora, hitting the canvas with his brush soaked in voluptuousness and desire. It is also a journey into Dora’s mind, who observes him with seductive attraction, curiosity and admiration. This sensual and sinuous journey was born within the exact moment when the spark that triggers the conception of the artistic work is triggered. A piece of music that describes this process could only be born like this: straight away.

Darman is the moniker of Dario Mangiacasale, composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Turin, Italy. // Continue to the full article

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