You Could Own Aphex Twin’s Yamaha CS-5 Analog Monosynth

The Yamaha—with the “Selected Ambient Works Volume II” liner notes etched by Aphex Twin—is up for auction on eBay.

An incredible piece of Aphex Twin memorabilia is up for auction via eBay. Aphex Twin’s Yamaha CS-5 analog monosynth—the very same used in the production of his iconic Selected Ambient Works Volume II album—was purchased by an eBay user in 2006 at a Vemia auction in the United Kingdom.

That user, telestatt, is now offering up what he refers to as “the ultimate holy grail of Aphex Twin memorabilia,” a one-of-a-kind synthesizer that has the Selected Ambient Works Volume II liner notes etched into the bottom of it. Those etchings were photographed and used for the album’s artwork.

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Aside from a one-time loan to recording artist Solvent, who used the synth in the production of his RDJCS5ep in 2011, telestatt claims that the Yamaha CS-5 has remained virtually untouched and carefully stored at his home. telestatt can’t offer a full guarantee of the machine’s functionality, but whoever places the winning bid would likely covet the instrument for its sentimental value rather than to use it themselves.

The current bid for Aphex Twin’s CS-5 is sitting at a cool $6,300. telestatt will offer up the full email correspondence with Vemia about his initial purchase of the synthesizer and provide shipping and insurance details. For more information, or to bid on Aphex Twin’s iconic piece of equipment, check out the official offer on eBay



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