Coyote Eyes Returns With New Song ‘Haunt You In Your Sleep’

Dark-pop Singer-Songwriter Coyote Eyes unveils her newest single “Haunt You In Your Sleep”. The enveloping track showcases Coyote Eyes’ soothing yet powerful vocals and expert songwriting capabilities over a synth-filled rhythmic beat. “Haunt You In Your Sleep” was produced by Rusland Odnorolov who boasts production credits on songs by The Chainsmokers, Lennon Stella, Ruelle and more. Inspired by a very tumultuous and difficult break up, “Haunt You In Your Sleep” is about revenge- physical, psychological and spiritual.

Coyote Eyes is a dark pop alter ego of a multi-disciplinary artist based between New York City and Los Angeles. The former southern debutante turned goth pop powerhouse is known for her haunting vocals, jarring lyrics, and cinematic soundscapes. Her music is, like her, equally tragic and seductive. // Continue to the full article

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