Clouzine International Music Awards Winner Studeo (australia) Drops A New Ep (the Storm).


The Australian Duo, STUDEO, Clouzine International Music Awards winner, is the joint artistic forces of Jeremy and Christine Stork. The duo will drop a new EP (The Storm) this week.
Named after the title track which was originally written in Nashville in 2017, after a huge storm there and it was never quite finished. THE STORM continues the musical journey focussing and drawing on Jeremy and Christine’s life experiences including travel, personal adventures and life’s situations. During 2020 and Australian Covid 19 lockdown Studeo resurrected the song and finished it off adding an additional layer.
When Jeremy and Christine first joined forces in the late 70s (in the popular cover band Casablanca), they had no idea what the future would bring, or that their union (both matrimonial and musical) would evolve into the beautiful, genre-defying mix of melody, vocals, and top-notch productions which, as Studeo, has led to in less than three years, multiple singles, EP, and album releases, a record deal, and international acclaim. // Continue to the full article
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