Blakkamoore Releases ‘Upward Spiral’ Deluxe Edition With Lustre Kings Production

Blakkamoore is excited to announce the release of his new album Upward Spiral Deluxe out today with Lustre Kings Productions, and available on all streaming platforms, plus as a limited edition double CD. The album is a reflection of Blakkamoore’s growth and development from a culmination of working with A-list musicians, producers, along with Blakkamoore’s endless creativity and drive, to create a truly unique sonic experience. Stream the new album here:

The album release is accompanied by the music video for Break Science remix of “Get Down Tonight” ft. Snoop Dogg! Reflecting back Blakkamoore states, “‘Get Down Tonight’ is a real special offering from my fam, Adam Dietch and Borahm Lee. Together they make up the futuristic duo, Break Science. // Continue to the full article

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