Don Diablo Unveils “HEXAGON” Science Fiction Adventure Comic Series


Check out the first three episodes of Don Diablo’s new intergalactic WEBTOON series.

Future house superstar and comic book fanatic Don Diablo has unveiled a new sci-fi adventure series. Named after his flagship “Hexagon” brand, the launch of the intergalactic WEBTOON series includes its first first three episodes, which fans can now view for free.

“HEXAGON” revolves around the story’s main protagonist, Don, a lonely kid who is obsessed with winning a popular fictional video game called Crucible. Since Don is forbidden to play video games by his dad, he sneaks out with friends to the local arcade and, on his first quarter, defeats the game and sets off an intergalactic alien invasion.

Check out Don Diablo’s announcement below.

“HEXAGON” is published by Impact Theory Studios and co-created in collaboration with Don Diablo by the company’s CEO, Tom Bilyeu, and award-winning comic book writer Michael Moreci. The artwork was developed by artist Jheremy Raapack, who also created the graphics for Steve Aoki‘s “Neon Future” series.

The “HEXAGON” series is available on WEBTOON’s free app as well as the company’s official website, and new episodes will drop every Wednesday.



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