LeAnn Rimes Announces Meditative Album ‘Chant: The Human & The Holy’

LeAnn Rimes is switching things up on her upcoming album, Chant: The Human & The Holy, which features 12 tracks of “mantras and messages of hope and remembrance.” The country star’s 11th studio album, her first collection of chants, is due out on Friday (Nov. 20).

“For those of you who might not be familiar with my journey into this space, for the past 12 months I have been exploring new ways to connect with and utilize my voice,” Rimes wrote on Instagram. “I’ve been creating chants to infuse and send out alongside of my @soulofeverle candles and I had no idea how they would be received, or how much you would connect with my new adventures. I felt so inspired by the overwhelming LovE that you sent my way that I knew I wanted to expand upon the clear nod from the universe that I was on to something special. This project is truly a blessing in so many ways and I can’t wait for you to finally experience it.”

The album, co-written by Rimes and longtime collaborator Darrell Brown, will be accompanied by the new podcast, Wholly Human, which will debut on iHeartRadio on Nov. 30.

CHANT: The Human & The Holy track listing:

  1. “My Heart”
  2. “Be Still and Know”
  3. “In the Stillness”
  4. “Treasured”
  5. “Human/Holy”
  6. “The Truth of Love”
  7. “What I Cannot Change (Chant)”
  8. “With My Hands”
  9. “Set Me Free”
  10. “Let the Light In”
  11. “Christed”
  12. “Sing Love Into the World”
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