“Strange Things” From Foster House, Weerd Science And John, The Astronaut

A foursome of collaborators out of Albany, New York each blend their unique styles and backgrounds to give birth to the new single, Strange Things – a living memoir to the f*ckery of 2020.

Check the line-up: rapper Weerd Science (more commonly known as Josh Eppard, the long time drummer for alt-rock supergroup Coheed and Cambria) drops rich rhymes with intoxicating lyrical cadences shrouded in ominous tones. Next up is Mirk, veteran of the world of hip hop and two time RIAA certified gold producer. Music fans know Mirk as the lead singer/rapper of the eponymous alternative funk/RnB band and more recently as founder of hot new hip-hop collective Foster House. John, the Astronaut, the songbird of atmospheric indie rock group Stellar Young, steps out of his lead singer role to lend his artful pen and haunting timbre to the track’s chorus and pre-chorus. // Continue to the full article

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