30M Records Is A New Label For Contemporary Iranian Music

This year, the cities of Hamburg and Tehran are brought closer together with the founding of 30M Records. The label, created by German music industry veteran and Persia enthusiast, Matthias Koch aims at showcasing emerging Iranian talent to an international audience. With a focus on musicians who are reviving the country’s musical heritage by incorporating centuries old instrumentation and style in modern-day interpretations, production techniques and compositions, 30M Records bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary Iranian music.

30M Records will be launched with its first album, RAAZ („Secret”). The project, a collaborative endeavor by musicians Hooshyar Khayam and Bamdad Afshar, aims to shed light on the few remaining artists and keepers of Iranian folk music tradition by incorporating the ancient Baluchi rhythms from the country’s south within a mixed-medium frame of electronics, prepared piano, strings and vocal recordings. // Continue to the full article

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