Purple Prose – Resume Of Poetry

Consisting of eleven songs, released on my day of birth, November eleventh of two thousand and twenty. The first official project of which I needed to unveil. Accumulated from many turning points throughout my life that helped in constructing who I am today. Many years went into the thought process behind every song. Each entangled with one another in some way. The perfect way to get to know and begin describing me. The “Resume of Poetry” chosen to be the name of the first “Purple Prose”, being my debut as an official artist. For me it was necessary to take a professional approach, thus becoming my actual resume into the music industry. Furthermore, I added “Of Poetry” not only for the appealing touch of grace but because I have always viewed myself more as a poet, as to a rap artist. As a matter of fact, a majority of my lyrics were not written to any instrumentals or original tempos, they generally came to me at random, eventually being pieced together to create each song individually. // Continue to the full article
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