Rapper Natalac Is Working On New Album And His Fans And The Rapping Community Can’t Wait

Sheldon Davis, most notably known as Natalac, is currently working on a new album, titled “Love & Pimp Hop.” The rapper broke the story recently, and the Natalac-fandom is avidly watching the space for new singles, teasers, or exclusive content from the album.

Davis adopted the stage name after he spun his music career, having explored his passion for rap music. Natalac primarily is an entrepreneur who has a logistic business with 18 wheeler trucks. He started in the late 90s, driving a single truck to owning, managing and operating round the clock in a successful logistics business called “Natalac Express.”

Apart from his trucking company, the American rapper is also looking to establish himself in the realm of music production, having founded “Natalac Records,” which is the parent company overseeing production and publishing of his exclusive music. // Continue to the full article

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