Tristan Perich’s ’Drift Multiply’ Out Now

Tristan Perich’s Drift Multiply, for fifty violins and fifty-channel 1-bit electronics, is out now on New Amsterdam and Nonesuch Records, as part of the partnership between the two labels, and is available here. “Perich approaches composition from an angle that sets him apart,” says The Wire. “Drift Multiply is certainly alluring; it is also satisfyingly thought-provoking … unapologetically beautiful.” Uncut calls it “mesmerising.”

Drift Multiply, Perich’s largest work to date, is performed by fifty violins and fifty loudspeakers and is conducted by Douglas Perkins. Scored as one hundred individual lines of music, the piece blends violins and speakers into a cascading tapestry of tone, harmony, and noise. The violins perform from sheet music, while the speakers are each connected to custom-built circuit boards programmed to output 1-bit audio, the most basic digital waveforms made of just ones and zeroes. // Continue to the full article

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