VanJess Stun In “High & Dry” Live Performance

VanJess release a glimmering live rendition of their new single “High & Dry.” The video is the second installment of their Homegrown Sessions and follows the October release of the live “Come Over” performance.

On “High & Dry” live, VanJess ooze confidence and show off their untouchable vocal talents. Outfitted in traditional African dress and jewelry, the sisters perform against a classic Californian backdrop, fusing their Nigerian and American roots into a worldliness that shines through in their music. Their relaxed and fun-loving sister dynamic is also on full display, with synced dance moves and harmonies that melt together.

The song itself is a sensual invitation buoyed by VanJess’ stylish vocals and cheeky wordplay. Their unique R&B flair slyly beckons suitors behind closed doors with deep choral motifs and silky musicality, which Soulbounce calls an apt continuation of their “seductive musical mission. // Continue to the full article

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