Caleigh Barker Drops ‘Lonely Lover Man’

Canadian Pop singer Caleigh Barker drops her new single, “Lonely Lover Man” November 27th on all platforms. The artists previous singles, “Treehouse & “With You” were both picked up by Discover Weekly & Fresh Finds. Barker easily connects to her fans by writing relatable and resonating lyrics. The singer/songwriter uses her music to heal herself through life’s journey. “Lonely Lover Man” was definitely written with that in mind.

Barker, who has recently collaborated with artists JRDN, Quake Mathews and JustChase, doesn’t take her career for granted. The multi-talented artist stays focused and is on the fast track to becoming one of Canada’s most popular Pop voices. Barker spends long hours in the studio working on new music for her fans. Known for her honesty, the artist’s raw feelings are on full display in “Lonely Lover Man. // Continue to the full article

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