“I’ll Be Your Therapy” Chill Indie-Pop Single From NYC’s Shonali Bhowmik

In a wave of release, Shonali Bhowmik’s new single “I’ll Be Your Therapy” comes as a chill, yet rejuvenating, indie-pop single. Layered, electronic elements provide a surge of energy, as she reflects on the anxiety, uncertainty, and fear that we’ve all faced in the past year.

NYC based, Shonali Bhowmik is a multi-talented musician, actress, comedian, and filmmaker. She also co-hosts a live variety show podcast series called “We Don’t Even Know”. Front-woman of the indie-rock band Tigers and Monkeys, “I’ll Be Your Therapy” comes as her first solo release since 2011.

The single providing a blissful release to the craziness of the year. A relaxing yet also energizing indie-pop tune incorporates electronic layers and acoustic guitar, for a unique and refreshing twist. She wrote the track in response to her own uncertainty and anxiety of 2020, hoping it provides a little therapy and relief for others. // Continue to the full article

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