Kyera Set To Release Debut EP “Exposed”

Miami singer-songwriter, Kyera, will debut her highly-anticipated EP “Exposed” on November 17, 2020.
Kyera grew up in South, Fl where she was surrounded by music from a very young age. A pastor’s daughter, Kyera grew up with music and singing.
“The choir gave me the confidence I needed to explore the versatility of my voice,” said Kyera.

For this EP, Kyera focused on telling her story, the good and the bad. Fans can expect songs about joy, love and loss. She struggled with homelessness and feeling lost and alone at one point in her life, but music is what brought her back. Kyera sees this EP as an introduction to her new self.

“This EP means courage and faith to me,” said Kyera. “It also reflects the versatility and many different experiences and places that I have been to pursue a dream and finding myself. // Continue to the full article

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