Jimmy Fallon Truly Captures Harry Styles’ Mystique in Hilarious ’73 Questions’ Parody

Harry Styles appears on the December 2020 issue of Vogue, rocking a skirt as the first solo man to appear on the cover in the magazine’s 127-year run.

One of Vogue’s most popular series is its “73 Questions” video segment, in which a camera crew follows celebrities around their home as they answer, you guessed it, 73 questions. While Styles has yet to participate in the series, Jimmy Fallon imagined what it would be like on a new episode of The Tonight Show.

Dressed as the One Direction singer with his loose wavy hair and a pearl-decorated sweater, Fallon answers the cameraman’s very simple questions with hilariously ethereal, philosophical responses.

When asked how his day has been, Fallon (as Styles) shares, “Well, I stepped in a rain puddle and accidentally got a ladybug wet. Cried about it for hours after, but, I think I made things right because that ladybug is going on tour with me as my opening act.”

His favorite meal? “A bowl of cream, topped with drizzled raw honey straight from the bee colony I’m friends with and a handful of wizzle berries.”

If you’re wondering what “wizzle berries” are, according to Styles, they’re “from the wizzle berry bush that grows in an enchanted land that’s only accessible from the old armoire I keep in my garden.”

Watch it all go down below.

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