Killing Kenny Hooks In Legendary Producer John McLaughlin Following Return To Music Career

Killing Kenny has gone where few fear to tread – some thirty years after giving up on his dreams of being a rock star, he has returned to the studio, determined to make good on his commitment to releasing the music that has lived within him all this time. Documenting his return to music in a series of YouTube videos which have more twists than your average soap opera, he has caught the attention of legendary Scottish producer, John McLaughlin the first results of which can be heard on These Streets, a stunning, Springsteen-esque rock song which you’ll be humming along to for weeks!

Ken Sunter joined a succession of bands from the early 80s to the late 90s, changing style but never losing his passion for writing songs, whether in his own band or for others. Then, as with so many artists…life began to get in the way. // Continue to the full article

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