Portland Duo Wonderly Steps Out From Behind The Curtains For New Release “Story We Tell Volume 1”

What if longtime friends Jim Brunberg and Ben Landsverk came clean about the fact that their bevy of instrumental theme songs and film soundtracks-including the New York Times’ famed podcast The Daily, Cheryl Strayed’s Dear Sugar Radio, and many indie film scores-were only half of the story? Well, there’s no need to get rhetorical, because the day has come for Brunberg and Landsverk, known collectively as the Portland-based duo Wonderly, to share their other side with the world. On January 29th, the band will release a brand new EP, Story We Tell Volume 1; five new songs-including a deeply groovy appreciation of legendary skyjacker D.B. Cooper, a soulful tribute to self-care featuring Portland soul legend Ural Thomas, and an ELO-meets-Elliott-Smith bop about a troubled dude named Steve-each accompanied by their own epic, narrative music videos that expand and embellish on Wonderly’s sonic storytelling. // Continue to the full article
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