Kristin Andreassen & Kari Groff, Md Collaboration On The Bright Siders


The Bright Siders is a unique musical collaboration between Nashville-based Americana songwriter Kristin Andreassen and Brooklyn-based child psychiatrist Kari Groff, MD. Together, they create music with the purpose of helping children connect to their emotions.

Ten years in the making, their carefully crafted, star-studded debut album A Mind of Your Own arrives just when the world needs it most, and as the importance of mental health resurfaces in the public consciousness. Releasing on January 21, 2021 via Smithsonian Folkways Recordings on CD, LP, and digital formats, the album invites listeners to think deeply about empathy and self-compassion as they navigate the beauty and complexity of their emotional lives. The group announced the album today, and shared the first single, “The Moon and the Stars and Me,” inspired by a conversation Andreassen had with Dr. // Continue to the full article

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