Ray BLK Drops New Single “Lovesick” & Talks About The Meaning Behind The Song

Ray Blk who has established herself as one of the UK’s most challenging and important female voices, drops her new Island single “Lovesick”, the first release from the South London artist’s eagerly awaited debut album. “Lovesick” comes hot on the heels of Ray’s track “Warriors”, the lead song from the universally acclaimed girlhood drama ROCKS. Ray wrote the powerful anthem specifically for the film and both these new tracks show an artist at the height of her creative powers and bode well for the album which will be released in 2021. Speaking about the inspiration behind “Lovesick” Ray says:

“Lovesick is a revenge song. It’s about taking control and reclaiming your power after being disrespected in a relationship and getting even. I’m always trying to empower women not to take disrespect sitting down but to keep a distance from people who don’t make them feel good about themselves and boss up because success is the best revenge. // Continue to the full article

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