Romero Releases New Single ‘Troublemaker’

Having hastily sold out multiple pressings of their debut double A-side 7″ ‘Honey / Neapolitan’ in February, Melbourne’s breaking power-pop group Romero give us another taste just before the hectic year is up. Adoring followers swoon for frontwoman Alanna Oliver’s soulful verses layered by shimmering, unforgettable riffs that master the sonics of heavy-hearted stars of 70 / 80’s punk, glam and pop. As our collective news fatigue lingers and the frustrations of daily living continue to amplify, Romero’s new single “Troublemaker” helps smooth out the bumps and reassures you on your existential path ahead.

Mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring) and mixed by Andrew Hehir, “Troublemaker” strokes both classic and modern age pop records, while evoking an emotional response of the brill-building soundscapes of mid-century soul and groove. // Continue to the full article

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