Anya Taylor-Joy of “The Queen’s Gambit” Once Starred in a Skrillex Music Video


She was a familiar face in the EDM scene long before she wiped the chess floor with her male counterparts as the badass Beth Harmon.

Long before she wiped the chess floor with her male counterparts as The Queen’s Gambit‘s badass Beth Harmon, Anya Taylor-Joy starred in a Skrillex music video.

Taylor-Joy, whose magnetic performance in the critically acclaimed Netflix drama miniseries skyrocketed her to household name status, stunned in the official music video for Skrillex’s remix of GTA‘s “Red Lips” back in 2016. In retrospect, her performance is the antithesis of Beth’s stoic etiquette behind the chess board, where she calmly stares down her opponents with her signature icy glare. Instead, the “Red Lips” video showcases a more ferocious Taylor-Joy as she portrays a mystical woman who fights off demonic creatures. 

The Queen’s Gambit, which recently became the most-watched show on Netflix, tells the fictional story of Beth Harmon, an orphan and chess prodigy who battles addiction in her journey to become the world’s best player.

You can check out Taylor-Joy’s scintillating performance in the “Red Lips” music video below.

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