20 Top Outkast Songs Of All Time


OutKast is not your ordinary music duo. Around 30 years ago, Andre 3000 and Big Boi, were just teenage boys with distinctive modulation that nobody matched at the time. They first named their group 2 shades deep but had to change after they realized that there was another group in Atlanta called 4 shades deep.

Even with the presence of artists like Jay Z getting into the industry in the 21st century, Outkast still holds the medal for leaving the biggest rap impact in the 2000 decade. They were a rare package that merged hip hop, EDM, funk, rock, psychedelic music and gospel.

The duo left an enduring legacy, and some of their classic tunes are still celebrated to date. It’s not uncommon to hear someone jamming to one of their tunes in 2020, or get modern remixes of their best work by new artists. // Continue to the full article

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