Jeremy Parsons Gets Candid About Addiction On Latest Single ‘Things To Come’


The chart-topping country crooner from San Antonio has released the title track from his forthcoming album, “Things To Come.”
“Time is a healer and life must go on
So, here’s to all the things to come”
– Jeremy Parsons

“We all have those crucial crossroad points in our life, a moment in which you have to look at what you’ve got and realistically decide what’s next and what’s for the best,” says singer-songwriter Jeremy Parsons. What’s next, for the San Antonio, Texas native is the fourth single and title track from his forthcoming album, “Things To Come.” The single drops on November 20th, with the full album out January 8th, 2021. Pre-saves/sales are available for both.

Parsons continues, “Things To Come’ (the single) is about the journey that got me here, a rollercoaster ride of drugs and alcohol, a search for the correct answers for myself. // Continue to the full article

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