ThaKayder Gasses Up The Pretty Passerby In New Music Clip “OMW ‘Out My Way'” On Hip Hop Weekly


As an artist in today’s music industry, it’s easy to get sidetracked with superficial impulses. There’s so much bait along the way that staying focused can be minimized easily. ThaKayder knows this all too well, which is why his visions are filled with goals that only entice growth. The San Diego Native (now residing in Arizona) stands by the phrase, “Recalibrate the oscillation of your vibratory frequency.” While the meaning might not jump right out, it requires a more in-depth analysis like a lot of his reveries; ThaKayder reminds people to reprogram their paths to make it aligned with the victories ahead. His whole life was spent making music and shaping his sound, alongside his identity. As he honed in on his hip-hop style, he paralleled his character to mimic his music. Music is an extension and expression of who he is. // Continue to the full article
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