Chaz Ebert Debuts Song “I Remember People,” Performed Quarantine-Style By The Chicago Soul Spectacular


Chaz Ebert, CEO of Ebert Digital, publisher of the film review website, on Thanksgiving Eve has released a song she wrote earlier this year called “I Remember People” to express how she and millions of Americans have been feeling as we’ve been forced to keep our distance for months due to COVID-19.

Ebert admits she never thought the song would see the light of day, because it is about being in lockdown and isolation, and she thought those days would be long gone by now. But with COVID-19 numbers spiking and medical experts advising families not to gather for Thanksgiving, she decided to have it performed and publish it for all to see.
“I wanted to send a message that I feel you. We need each other, and help is on the way,” Ebert said.

She first got the idea for the song on April 4, 2020, when Ebert was unable to hold an in-person Day4Empathy event, which she started a few years ago to commemorate her late husband Roger Ebert’s principle of Empathy. // Continue to the full article

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