Jonny Ong Releases The Collaborative ‘Taking Silence’


‘Taking Silence’ is the first collaborative effort released from neo-psychedelic maestro Jonny Ong’s upcoming album. Taking cues from New Orleans jazz and trip hop, as well as the psychedelic rock roots for which Ong is known, this track transcends the foundations he has laid for himself – reaching out into orchestral instrumentation and cinematic soundscapes (with the help of his trusty handpan) to create a song which is an utter odyssey of sound and emotion.

The track features the Singaporean singer-songwriter Inch, who provides contrasting lilting vocals on the track which offset Ong’s powerful tone. The mixture of the two voices only adds to the build-up of the song, the intensity rising and rising until it spills out into the climactic end. Speaking of the collaboration, Ong said, “Sometimes collaborations can feel forced, but with Inch, it felt natural,” he says. // Continue to the full article

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