Misty Dawn Releases New Single “Weeping Willow”


Show Country singer/songwriter Misty Dawn recently released her new single “Weeping Willow.” With sassy lyrics like I’m not the kind of gal who’ll settle down, won’t find me in some big white fancy gown, your heart’s the bleedin’, pleadin’, cryin’ kind, and that don’t match the way I like to handle mine, “Weeping Willow” is sure to be the female-empowerment anthem of the season.

“Let’s normalize men crying/pining over women and women being the non-committal, flippant one in the relationship dynamic,” Misty says. “That’s just as true as the other way around. I wanted a country anthem for women who don’t want to get married, who want to be intimate without serious attachment, etc. Even though I personally do want those things, I don’t think it should be a given and we have to be open to different narratives about how we operate in partnership. // Continue to the full article

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