Rumors Swirl of Skrillex and Avril Lavigne Collaboration After Recent Instagram Post


Fans are debating how deep we should be reading into Avril Lavigne’s Instagram Story post.

Throwing darts at a board may very well be the most successful strategy for predicting who Skrillex will collaborate with next. Ever since Jack Ü’s 2015 collaboration with Justin Bieber, “Where Are Ü Now” was released, covering Skrillex has taught us that you can never really know what’s coming next. 

That notion once again became apparent this week as fans were sent into a frenzy upon seeing the producer himself appear in an Instagram Story clip posted by pop-punk icon Avril Lavigne. Though the clip does not seem to have been shot in a studio, fans immediately began circulating rumors of a potential collaboration. 

To be fair, this could all be just wish-casting, and some were quick to throw cold water on the idea of a collaboration taking place, since it seems so out of left field. However, one fan on Reddit was quick to remind us that the initial reaction to the news of Jack Ü and Justin Bieber working together brought up similar feelings of disbelief among fans.

The rumor, however, arrived at a time when Skrillex seems to be on a warpath to stockpile new music. The producer gave an update in late October that his album efforts were still ongoing. This fall, he has been spotted with quite a mix of fellow artists, including Mike Einziger of Incubus, Zacari, and Justin Bieber



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