Valli Releases New Single ‘Natalie’


Born & raised in East London, Valli started releasing music in 2018. His debut video “No Mercy/How I Feel” (featured on GRM Daily) received thousands of views, with no prior music released at that time. Since then he has released a range of singles showcasing his versatility as an artist. “H.O.T.B.” providing that party/club feel.
“Christian Bale V-Style” which showcases his catchy rap flows, unique world-play, as-well as controversial lyrics. And “Hotel” which has shown to be his most radio sounding single yet!

His most recent single “Natalie” (Released 27/11/2020) showcases another element of his artistry. It allows his supporters a chance to see into his vulnerable side as an artist, whilst also providing a catchy & soothing melody.
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