Jay Daniels Releases “Empty Bottle”


Here is another new release from Jay Daniels & The Jay Daniels Band. Jay’s new release, “Empty Bottle” is a great song that is sure to become a favorite at country radio. Jay and his band recently performed at the Texas Troubadour Theater in Nashville, Tennessee and brought down the house with his three previous radio singles. Jay is an awesome entertainer and this song is the most country to date that has been released. Jay is a singer/songwriter who focuses on country, blues and rock & roll. Whether it be a fast, fun song or a loving, low-tempo ballad, most, if not all, of his music tells a story related to a time in his life, rather it be a reflection or an actual event.

Jay is based in Mobile, Alabama and Jay Daniels was established in April, 2019. The Jay Daniels Band has continued to grow with an increasing fan-base and number of followers. // Continue to the full article

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