Mspired Music Creates Inspiring Christmas Music Connecting With Joyful And Mixed Feelings For Holiday Listeners


Mspired Music has created a new Christmas EP that doesn’t recreate the traditional Christmas song, it reinvents the genre. By bringing together exceptional talent in different styles, Feelings Of Christmas presents a truly insightful, inspiring, and emotionally connected album for the holiday season.

Producer Miguel Global recognized that this year, more than any other, people are likely to have mixed feelings around Christmas and the holidays. Whilst it is always a time of joy and celebration, many people will be separated from their loved ones, facing unemployment and an uncertain future. Reflecting on 2020 and the challenges that everybody around the world has faced can lead to a feeling of melancholy, which juxtaposes the colorful lights and sparkly decorations around us to leave us feeling out of place. // Continue to the full article

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