Genevieve Is Back With Her New Sultry, Soulful Single “Riverman”


Genevieve is back with her new single Riverman. The production is synth led with a beautiful mix of electronic and organic elements, soulful harmonies and dreamy textures with psychedelic roots. The song has a diverse landscape of musical influences, courting Jazz and Folk, touching on the systemic racism that encroaches our society and dreaming of a place where utopia begins.
“Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, iconic jazz musicians – the inspirations are immediately evident as the first notes soar out of London-hailed singer-songwriter Genevieve, but what she has carved out for herself, is utterly unique.” – Wonderland
“In ‘Riverman’, Genevieve’s deep vocals open up as they are led by synths mixed with beautiful electronic and organic elements.” – Noctis Magazine

Genevieve is a singer/songwriter born and raised in London. // Continue to the full article

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