This New App Could Prove to be a Global Solution for Clubbing Safely in 2021


An innovative mobile app out of Spain may have laid the blueprint to partying safely amid the pandemic.

There’s a new app that could potentially pave the way to partying safely in the pandemic era.

Announced at the annual International Nightlife Congress meeting in Valencia, Spain, Liberty Pass validates whether a user has produced a negative COVID-19 test within a 72-hour period, allowing the user to access bars and clubs accordingly. 

The app aggregates official medical information and produces a QR code with a green check mark if the individual has successfully tested negative. When a vaccine becomes available, those who receive it will also be permitted to attend events for the entire period of time the vaccine is considered valid.

It’s important to acknowledge that, in theory, an attendee could become infected with COVID-19 during the 72-hour period where their QR code is valid. Medical experts have posed that those infected do not tend to become contagious until around between 24-72 hours after exposure. Due to the possible risk of infection, mask-wearing policies would continue to remain in effect when attendees are not eating or drinking. 

Liberty Pass is likely to see its debut in Spain and the country’s nightlife association, Spain Nightlife, already has an agreement with the app to launch it locally. This could prove extremely valuable to Ibiza’s club circuit as mega-venues such as Hï Ibiza have already slated a full lineup of high-profile summer residencies for 2021.

Source: DAZED

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