Cardi B Offers to Match Charitable Donations From Fans


Cardi B was talking bags again on Sunday night (Dec. 6). This summer, the “WAP” rapper defended hubby Offset for giving their daughter Kulture a pricey Birkin bag and was back at it in October to defend her right to luxury after Offset showed off her walk-in closet full of Birkins. So it wasn’t surprising when Billboard’s Woman of the Year went back and forth with some fans yesterday after she wished a wish to buy a purse that retails for $88,000 and some followers called her out for dreaming of such luxury when so many are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But instead of things getting ugly, Cardi came up with the most beautiful solution to her Birkin bind.

“Should I spend 88K for this damn purse ? Omggg it’s tempting,” Cardi tweeted, which elicited a number of “no” responses, as well as one comment asking, “Can you spend 88k on Democrats in the Georgia Senate run off election? That would look even better on you than a purse” and another noting that the writer couldn’t afford to pay for their meds “a name change, or a new pair of pants.”

Reacting to the backlash, Cardi reminded folks that she donated $1 million to coronavirus relief earlier this year, another milli to fans through cashapp two months ago as well as donating 20,000 meal supplements to New York medical workers. “Also I got 7 uncles an 3 aunts on my daddy side,9 aunts and 3 uncles on my momma side a whole bunch of cousins I had to help cause of the pandemic ….If I want to splurge I can with out yall asking for hand outs like me and my husband don’t do so.Thank you,” she added.

When someone suggested she donate the $88K to people that need help right now, like her fans, Cardi noted that she’s already donated $2 million this year and promised that she’s doing “something very special in another country” next year. “What have you donated?” she asked. When someone else recommended she maybe just ask her celeb friends for advice on pricey purse purchases, instead of the Bardigang, Cardi pointed out that she doesn’t really have celebrity friends except her husband.

The best part? The back-and-forth turned into a force of good, when Cardi decided to turn it into a challenge that will likely help many, many people. “Okay let’s do this challenge! Since ya want to tell me to donate soo much …Drop receipts on what YOU have donated too,” Cardi said. “I will match it and donate to a organization you have donate as well.LETS START NOW!”

The rapper then promised to match any donations to charitable organizations that fans provide receipts for. And you know they took her up on her offer. Also, in case you’re wondering, she’s definitely buying the bag now.

Check out Cardi’s tweets below.

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