Taika Waititi-Directed Xbox Series X Trailer Unmasks Master Chief as a Cat Who DJs


Now we know what Master Chief would play.

Turns out the sci-fi action hero we grew up on is actually a cat who loves EDM, at least according to the Academy Award-winning director Taika Waititi. Microsoft recruited the help of the renowned New Zealand cinephile for a new trailer dedicated to the recent release of their new video game console, the Xbox Series X. 

The three-and-a-half-minute long story shows a team of researchers enter a woman’s dreams after she plays with the new Xbox. As you would imagine, they become increasingly bizarre, showing off animated characters in the forest, free-falling, and more while she narrates what she sees in her sleep. The video concludes with the main character from the Halo series, Master Chief, begin to DJ with the use of one of the giant space structures from the game as a turntable. Set to an electronic beat, the hero shows off his dance moves and—in true 2020 fashion—it takes one last twist when he removes his mask to show that he is secretly a cat. Yes, really.

You can check out the reimagining of Master Chief’s origin story by Waititi below, courtesy of IGN. The portion of the video featuring the first-person shooter protagonist unmasked can be found at the 2:30 mark.

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