Bon Iver Pledge 5% of Publishing Royalties to Gender Equity, Addressing Domestic Violence


Bon Iver announced on Monday (Dec. 7) that they would pledge to donate 5% of their annual publishing royalties to support their 2 A Billion charity’s efforts to address gender equity and address domestic and sexual violence.

“We’re committing 5% of our publishing royalties annually in order to continue supporting past #2abillion partners,” the band said in a statement. “On tour, we’re humbled by our partners’ work towards bringing gender equity center stage + addressing issues of domestic & sexual violence. That work must continue.”

Founded in 2016, 2 A Billion has moved from supporting non-profits during tours to partnering with charities to work towards female empowerment when the band isn’t on the road as well.

“We strive to make a positive impact by helping uncover the scope and severity concerning domestic violence worldwide. The global ramifications of ongoing gender inequity take away women’s voices; reinforcing systematic violence, producing substandard health practices, and deny women education and leadership opportunities across all sectors,” reads a statement on the 2 A Billion site.

“We encourage community-driven, creative action to provide unique perspectives about complex topics. We believe every individual can take steps big or small, courageous or delicate, to have an impact -and collectively- we can close the book on gender inequality”; visit the 2 A Billion site to find out more about their efforts and the groups they support.

See the announcement below.

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