Sam Hunt’s “Southside” Named To The NY Times Best Albums Of 2020!


Hunt’s Platinum-selling sophomore album recently landed on The New York Times Best Albums of 2020 list with music critic Jon Carmanica rhetorically asking, “what if the most innovative mainstream Nashville performer was also the most reverent of tradition?” SOUTHSIDE also features Hunt’s current country single “Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90’s” and his back-to-back No. 1 hits “Kinfolks” and “Hard To Forget,” the latter highlighted early on as a song of the year contender. Slate now says, “this ultra-creative single was one of the best in country in 2020” as the hit landed on its best songs list. “Hard To Forget” also rang in at No. 11 on NPR’s Best Songs of 2020.

SOUTHSIDE debuted to critical acclaim earlier this year with Rolling Stone calling Hunt “an innovator who has remade country in his own image and also figured out how to reclaim its past,” and Pitchfork affirming, “the Nashville star blends genres with charm and style. // Continue to the full article

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